tisdag 26 maj 2009

Next week...

The first topic/week is now over..finished, acomplished..Stage clear..yeeah
Too bad everyone didnt finish in time, but they will surley do it soon...I hope :D

Sooo...Its a new week...And ofcourse a new topic :D
Go check it out on our fantastic blogg!!

Cya m8s

/ Katla

fredag 22 maj 2009

No turning back now

Yesterday we launched our new blogsite thingy...Stuff..Ye know.
Yesterday i posted the first topic related pic..
Yesterday this project started for real :D

Pay our nice flazhy blog a visit

Hej svejs
// Katla

onsdag 20 maj 2009


Jag åt pannkakor till middag idag...

Today the project " We Who Wear Silly Hats" began to roll..The everlasting art project whit my friends :D