söndag 25 oktober 2009

Till the end of time

Yesterday my network just stopped working...Just like that!
WHAAAAAM...Like..In your face or so

I did this also..

If anybody care

tisdag 20 oktober 2009

Shitting around

Some old painting I started over on last night


And heres the final pice of this one..

I'm quite lame..Cus' I take photos whit ma crapy SonyEricssonphone :D

Bulleri bång
Kött och betong

måndag 19 oktober 2009

The verry first...

I dont remember when I did this...But I belive I were in 7th Grade or so

The short version story of The Lord Of The Ring trilogy...The verry shoooort version!

I also found som old art in a pile of sheaat :D

Botten upp

söndag 18 oktober 2009

Back in the snow

Back from the south!
I enjoyed Malmö pretty much, all the cool people and the school.

And some fanart-thingy to Matte :D


söndag 11 oktober 2009

District 511

Yesterday I saw District 9...Its a good movie.. if you like cool alien design, cool weapons, awesome 3D FX and good storywriting :D

Tomorrow I go by train down to the southern part of sweden!


fredag 9 oktober 2009


Some Redesigned creature for my movie..


onsdag 7 oktober 2009


More sketches to look at..